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There are many benefits to scrum, including its flexibility and ability to manage change. If you’re looking for ways to improve your scrum skills, you’ll want to check out these free blog posts. Each offers a different perspective on the topic, so you can learn what works best for different teams.

These articles are coming directly from where Professional Scrum Trainers have shared tips on the scrum process, new ways to look at it, and ways to really take it to the next level within your organization. Well worth the free reads from those who live and breath Scrum in their work on a daily basis! Professional Scrum Trainers share their knowledge and experiences in blogs to help people and teams learn and grow.  This email comes out monthly to highlight some of the most recently released blogs.

Retrospectives: Making Action Items that are cats

– The Power of the Sprint Retrospective
– What to consider in your transition to Scrum

Scrum and your Organizational Agility

​​​​​- How can your Scrum Master support self-management – Back to the foundations of the Scrum framework (55)
– How can your Developers support self-management – Back to the foundations of the Scrum framework (54)

– How To Make Product Discovery An Integral Part Of Your Scrum Team?
– How Product Backlog Refinement Can Prevent or Fix Zombie Scrum

Five Ways to Build Consensus

– Join the Product Owner and Product Manager Salary Report 2022
– Scrum Master Interview Questions: The Sprint Review

 [VLOG] What Does The Scrum Master Do All Day
– [VLOG] 8 Hats The Scrum Master Wears As A True Leader Who Serves


4 Misunderstandings About “Carryover”


Designing the Product Owner Role

– Guiding the organization in multi-skill development
– Guiding Teams in Multi-Skill Development

Scrum Champions League or Scrum Minor League: What league are you in?

Scrum Scale Away



Should I Become A Scrum Master?

​​​How Effective are your Scrum Events if you Can’t Even Book a Room?

– What do the developers do in the last week of the Sprint?
– Can Scrum and agility be scaled and what’s the best way to do it?

– In-Depth: How Coherence And Cohesion Are Critical To Scrum
– In-Depth: How Scrum Motivates Teams Through Goals And Autonomy

 If Your Scrum Team is Rigid, Something Is Broken
– Don’t Learn Scrum from Jira

Somebody Made Up ‘SDLC’ And Everyone Went Along With It

– Round 2 of the Scrum Summer Quiz has Started
– Scrum Poster Kit and Scrum Values Icon Set

Remote Work and Scrum

Reflections about Product Goal in Scrum

Meaning of Purpose

Wayne the Scrum Master?

Loops and Knots – Amplifying Your Coaching Impact


The Paradox of Sprinting at a Sustainable Pace

Giving back : Considerations for a new Scrum Master

Spanish Edition Blogs

¿Cómo ser un mejor Scrum Master con el Agile Coach Competency Framework?

– Como el output y el outcome impacta tu progreso y tus métricas
– El Product Owner es un Agile product manager

– Objetivos de Scrum y del marco de Gestión Basada en Evidencia
– Impulsores de la Agilidad


French Edition Blog

Scrum Master et Coach Professionnels : le binôme gagnant pour vos politiques de transformation agile


German Edition Blogs

Scrum Champions League oder Scrum Kreisliga: Wo spielt Ihr Team?

– Prinzipien sind essentiell für Produkterfolg
– Was sollte man beim Scaling von Scrum beachten?

– Ist jeder im Scrum Team beschäftigt, aber am Ende des Sprints ist nichts fertig? Meine bewährte Strategie für mehr Team-Performance
– Ist das Manifest für Agile Softwareentwicklung noch zeitgemäß und wie denken Jeff Patton und David Pereira darüber?

– Fehlverhalten von Scrum Entwicklern
 36 Fehlverhalten von Scrum Interessenvertretern