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If you want to learn more about Scrum, there’s no shortage of reading material out there. But if you want to get the inside scoop from some of the top Scrum Trainers in the world, you’ll want to check out these blog posts.

On, you can find a variety of blog posts from Professional Scrum Trainers. These Trainers are experts in agile methodology and can provide valuable insights on how to implement Scrum in your organization.

The blog posts on cover a wide range of topics, from the basics of Scrum to advanced tips for getting the most out of your Scrum implementation. No matter what your level of expertise is, you’re sure to find something useful in these blog posts. Professional Scrum Trainers share their knowledge and experiences in blogs to help people and teams learn and grow.  This email comes out monthly to highlight some of the most recently released blogs.

Facilitation tips for Daily Scrum




​​​​​Improve Your Scrum Events with a Facilitator’s Guide




– [VLOG] Does the Scrum Team Need A Project Manager?
– [VLOG] The SYNERGY  Between Product Owner and Scrum Master



 Facilitation Tips for the Sprint Review
– Product Delivery – when Business and IT are talking



​​​– Product Backlog Refinement: How to Succeed as a Scrum Team
– Definition of Done Theses



Patterns in the Agile Principles




– The Balance of Power in Scrum
– What are Epics and Features?



How to Engage Stakeholders in your Sprint Reviews




Taking Back the Word “Commitment”




Too stressed to be creative?




– SUCCESSFUL FACILITATION – Liberating Structure 1-2-4-ALL
– SUCCESSFUL FACILITATION – What are Liberating Structures?




The Rollercoaster of Group Dynamics in Decision Making




– What does Cross-Functional really mean for the Developers?  (65)
– What does Cross-Functional really mean for the Product Owner? (64)



– In-Depth: The Science On Sustainable Pace, Stress, And Motivation
– In-Depth: How To Create Better Work Agreements For Your Team



– Why is my Daily Scrum taking more than 15 minutes?
– Scrum Master vs Project Manager: What’s the Difference?



A Facilitator as an (Event) Value Maximiser 




– Inspect And Improve The Performance Of A Scrum Team With “Generative Relationships STAR”
– How To Skillfully Navigate Conflict In Your Scrum Team?



Agile Principles – Simplicity




Commitments and their meaning in SG 2020




What Scrum Teams Can Learn From The Ferrari F1 2022 Season So Far




The Ecocycle of Growth for Product Owners: How it Works and Why You Should Care




– Can Scrum Be Used Outside Software Development?
– When Will Scrum Die?



What does Self-Management Mean Anyway?




Spanish edition blogs

¿Cómo construyo un equipo multifuncional?




– Mito: El Product Owner toma decisiones sobre los cambios en el Sprint Backlog
– El Scrum Master como facilitador



German edition blogs

– Wie du entscheidest, ob eine Aussage Teil der Definition of Done oder ein Akzeptanzkriterium ist
 4 Facilitation-Tipps, damit das Daily Scrum in 15 Minuten gelingt




– 10 Thesen zur Definition of Done
– Agiles Mikromanagement — im Ernst?




– Scrum, Design Thinking und Lean Startup kann man von Tag 1 kombinieren
– Tips to prepare for the PSPO I certification



Italian edition blog

Community Collective Genius Italia




French edition blog

Place de la Fa


cilitation dans la Scrum Team