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PSTs have a deep understanding of Scrum theory, practices, and underlying principles. They are also experts in facilitation, change management, servant leadership, and coaching. Every month, they offer new posts and more from these trainers with original takes on the Scrum process with ways to both improve it and use it in new and surprising ways! So, let’s dive in on the latest ways to learn about our favorite agile methodology!

My favorite read from this listing is: How to get the most from your Sprint Retrospective Event
Let me know which yours is!

Learning from Professional Scrum Trainers Professional Scrum Trainers share their knowledge and experiences in blogs to help people and teams learn and grow.  This email comes out monthly to highlight some of the most recently released blogs.

Is Revenue a Good Product Goal?




– [VLOG] Product Vision, Product Goal and Product Roadmap in Scrum
– Project Management vs Product Management



​​​​​​How can the Scrum Master support the Product Owner?




Usable, Useful and Valuable




How I use the Scrum Guide to Find My Why and Guide Decision Making




It’s Health Not Bodyweight , It’s Value NOT Velocity




In-Depth: The Evidence-Based Business Case For Agile




– You give Scrum… a Bad Name
– How to get the most from your Sprint Retrospective Event




– Nine Sprint Goal Principles to Get Your Scrum Team Going
– Scrum Master Interview Questions (6): Sprint Planning




​​​​​​Can Scrum Teams Use Scrum And Kanban, Simultaneously?




– How are Done and your Sprint Backlog related? (73)
– How are Done and your Product Backlog related? (72)




[VLOG] 10 Interview Questions To Find Your Perfect Scrum Master (Or Agile Coach)




Improving Private Equity Outcomes using Agility / Evidence-based Operating Systems




Interview with the Scrum Cow




Fixing Your Daily Scrum …with Football?




Agile Principles – Motivated People




– Employee Engagement and Professional Scrum – Part 1 of 5
– Employee Engagement and Professional Scrum – Part 2 of 5




What is Large Scale Scrum (LeSS)?




Minecraft Scrum – 3 Years of Teaching and Learning




The Efficiency Trap




​​​​Waterfall won the war with Agile!




What’s wrong with a Mid Sprint Check-in or Mid Sprint Review?




German edition blogs

– Das Scrum Master Interview (6): Das Sprint Planning
– Neun Sprint-Ziel-Prinzipien, die Ihr Scrum-Team in Schwung bringen



– Template-Sammlung: für Vision, Produkt-Ziel und Sprint-Ziel
– Warum Story Points nicht geeignet sind, um Releasedaten vorherzusagen




French edition blog

​​​​​Pratiquez Scrum Professionnel !




Spanish edition blogs

Líder Ágil



– Porqué ser mentor es importante
– ¿La integración continua está muerta?




Portuguese edition blog

Entenda de uma vez por todas o que é Definition of Done