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Culture plays a larger role in a company’s success than people realize. Why? An organization’s bottom line ultimately comes down to its employees. The individuals who make up your team are responsible for executing your C-suite’s vision, while still acting as the day-to-day face of the company to customers. Employer branding, efficiency, productivity, and more are impacted by company culture, so it’s important to establish one that fits your organization. In fact, research shows that a compelling company culture can produce 33 percent higher revenue, so it’s definitely worth thinking about.

What can employers do to build and maintain a good company culture? Since culture is often built from the ground up, office layout and office furniture can be the easiest way to start. Many businesses are realizing that the way an office looks can play a significant role in reflecting company culture. For example, upgrading your outdated tech can reflect your company’s forward-facing mission for modernization. Additionally, open floorplans and shared common spaces can mimic your company’s commitment to free-flowing collaboration. Learn more about company culture and how office decor can express it with this graphic.