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I always like to keep up on the latest new educational and informative blog posts from, and this time around, there are some truly amazing picks from the team.

This time around, there are three articles I felt were a good reach (or, watch, as the case might be), with Mary Iqbal’s first two both being quite important with How to Handle Unplanned Work in Scrum and 5 Reasons why Refining your Product Backlog is Worth the Time (that second one we actually spent some time working through recently and this would have been useful to have on hand!)

Rounding things off, I was a big fan of Joshua Partogi’s “Improve Your Scrum Team’s Sprint Goal With This Simple Guideline.” Yes, it was a bit clickbaity of a headline but, for anyone who has let their Sprint Goal get out of hand (every one of us on occasion,) this is a great way to help focus it!


The latest Blogs from

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– How to Handle Unplanned Work in Scrum
– 5 Reasons why Refining your Product Backlog is Worth the Time



– The Importance of Done for your Scrum Master 
– The Importance of Done for your Developers



– 10 Options To Start With Scrum
 Experiment: Support Scrum Teams To Express Clear Requests For Help​​​​​​



…Too much transparency in a Scrum Master?




 [VLOG] Improve Your Scrum Team’s Sprint Goal With This Simple Guideline …
 [VLOG] How to be a Scrum Master without any prior experience



​​​​​When Scrum Doesn’t Work




How to Navigate Accountability without Control as a Scrum Master




Stop Looking for Leaders, Start Looking for Teammates




If Scrum Teams Become Too Large, They Should…




What are the focus areas of an Agile Coach?




What does your Team Optimize For?




Agile Done Right eliminates the need for classical Requirements engineering




– Value Creation in Scrum: Shift Left
– Product Owner & Product Manager Salary Report 2022



Product Management Series: Different Types of Product Owners




Introducing Personal Scrum




What is an Agile Project Manager




– A DONUT for Product Owners, unchaining them from Authority Restraints
– How to Start With Self-management in a Great Way



Fixing OKR Theater Using Agile/Scrum Principles




Spanish edition blogs

Como descubrir ideas más rápido y conseguir agilidad de negocio




– Tus primeros pasos en User Story Mapping
– Un Product Owner no es un Project Manager



– Facilitar los eventos Scrum
– El Product Owner provee Alineamiento Estratégico



German edition blogs

– Wertgetriebene Entwicklung: Eine einfache Anleitung, wie du Features priorisierst und Stakeholder zufriedenstellst
 Wie du ein Statusmeeting in ein Daily Scrum verwandeln kannst


 Scrum Werkzeuge und Praktiken zur Vervollständigung eines unvollständigen Frameworks, Teil 1
– Product Owner & Produktmanager Gehaltsreport 2022