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Welcome to the latest edition of our blog series, “The Latest Blogs from”! Here at, we believe that learning and growth are essential for individuals and teams to thrive in today’s fast-paced business environment. That’s why we are proud to feature the insights and experiences of our Professional Scrum Trainers through a variety of blogs on our website.

Each month, we send out this email to highlight some of the most recent and thought-provoking blogs from our Professional Scrum Trainers. These experienced professionals have a wealth of knowledge and expertise to share, and their blogs cover a wide range of topics related to Scrum and agile methodologies. From tips and tricks for implementing Scrum in your organization, to reflections on the challenges and successes of real-world Scrum implementations, there’s something for everyone to learn and grow from.

Whether you’re new to Scrum or have been working with it for years, our Professional Scrum Trainers’ blogs offer valuable insights and practical advice for anyone looking to improve their understanding and application of Scrum. So, take a moment to browse through the latest blogs from and see how our Professional Scrum Trainers can help you and your team take your Scrum practice to the next level.

The Latest Blogs from

Learning from Professional Scrum Trainers Professional Scrum Trainers share their knowledge and experiences in blogs to help people and teams learn and grow.  This email comes out monthly to highlight some of the most recently released blogs.

​​​​​- How to Facilitate Difficult Scrum Team Conversations
– 7 Tips for Setting More Effective Goals



– [VLOG] 7 Reasons Values Die In “Transformation”
– [VLOG] How To Stop Wasting Your Agile “Transformation” Budget



How can Product Owners get Maximum Value from Scrum?




 [VLOG] Who Should Be The Product Owner….
 [VLOG] How to Start Scrum for Enterprise Transformation



– Experiment: Take The First Steps To Automate Integration & Deployment
– Experiment: Limit The Maximum Length Of Your Product Backlog



– You are a Creation Machine – Professional Mind series (#1)
– Every Scrum Team Works on a Vibration – Professional Mind Series (#2)



– The Importance of Transparency during the Sprint Retrospective (04)
– The Importance of Transparency during the entire Sprint (05)



The Purpose of a Goal is Not to Reach It




– The Surprising Benefits of Pair Programming for Software Teams
– When Stakeholders Bypass the Product Owner



– A ChatGPT Job Interview for a Scrum Master Position
– Unlock the Power of ChatGPT for your Scrum Team



Agile Principles – Sustainable Pace




 Self Managing Defects Escaping into Prod




–  Exploring the Differences Between a Professional and SAFe Scrum Master
– YDS: Why Was Estimation Replaced by Sizing in Scrum Guide 2020?



Story Points are not the Problem, Velocity is




Scrum Requires Psychological Safety




Can ChatGPT teach you Scrum?




Product Owners, You do NOT Accept the Work in the Sprint Review




Improving Your Scrum with the Agile Kata (Part I)




PSPO Assessment Tips




French edition blog

Et si le Scrum Master n’était pas le facilitateur des événements ?




Italian edition blog

5 cambiamenti fondamentali




German edition blogs

– Die Begriffe Vision, Mission, Strategie und Roadmap verwirren dich? Eine verblüffend einfache Erklärung
– 3 Probleme, die durch die Definition of Ready entstehen



 Ein ChatGPT Jobinterview für eine Scrum-Master-Position
– Wie Sie ChatGPT für Ihr Scrum-Team erfolgreicher nutzen können



Spanish edition blogs

Usos de Scrum




– Curso de Evidence-Based Management en Español
– Curso Evidence-Based Management #1 – ¿Qué es EBM?



– ¿La inteligencia artificial va a reemplazar a los agile coaches?
– ¿Qué es el gobierno ágil?



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