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Agile methodologies have become increasingly popular over the past few years, particularly Scrum, which is one of the most widely adopted frameworks. As Scrum continues to evolve, it is essential for application administrators to stay up-to-date with the latest techniques, tools, and best practices to deliver successful projects. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the latest blog posts available for Scrum practitioners to help them enhance their craft and become better Scrum Masters. Investing time in continuous learning and improvement can significantly impact the effectiveness of Scrum practices, and these blog posts provide invaluable insights and practical tips to help Scrum teams achieve their goals. Whether you’re new to Scrum or an experienced practitioner, these blog posts will undoubtedly help you grow and improve your skills. From understanding stakeholder needs better to avoiding common Scrum mistakes, to using flow metrics for sprint planning, these blog posts cover a range of topics that are crucial for successful Scrum implementation. So take a look, and start investing in your skills today!

Professional Scrum Trainer™ Blogs from Professional Scrum Trainer knowledge and experiences are shared in blogs to help people and teams learn and grow.  This email comes out monthly to highlight some of the most recently released blogs.

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5 Ways Empiricism Can Make You a Better Scrum Master




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– Five Common Scrum Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Team’s Progress
– Managing Risk: Unpacking Scrum’s Risk Management Strategy



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– Definition of ‘Done’: What It Is and How It Supports Scrum Events
– Stakeholder Persona Canvas: A Tool For Understanding Stakeholders Better



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Your Daily Scrum: Applying Flow Metrics to Sprint Planning




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Why does Agile Focus on Values and Principles Rather than a Prescribed Set of Steps?




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– Why Your Team’s Scrum Genius Might be Holding You Back
– Using Surveys to Improve Scrum Team Success



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Current State and Future Prospects of Scrum and Agile Development in Japan




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What is Agile All About?




John Coleman

Opinions vs. Evidence – How Getting the Definitions Mixed up can impact the Value of your Delivery



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[VLOG] Scrum is not an Iterative Mini-waterfall Project Management Method




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– How Facilitation is Key to Effective Scrum Events
– Product Management – Why a Product Owner Needs to Go Beyond Scrum



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From Feature Owner to Product Owner




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Theory of Constraints – What to Improve and What Not to Change




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Do You Build The Right Product?




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– 9 Ways an Agile Manager Helps Grow a Team
– Business Agility Examples: 4 Companies Who Weren’t Agile And What We Can Learn



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– The Stoic Scrum Master
 Club Scrum: What Are You Doing all Day, ChatGPT — as a Scrum Master?



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– How the Developers can Help Raise Transparency (10)
– How the Scrum Master Can Help Raise Transparency (11)



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Improving Your Scrum with the Agile Kata (Part II)



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– Improve your Team’s Concern Psychological Safety!
– How To Lead Scrum Masters With Liberating Structures?



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Agile Principles – Become More Effective




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– An Introduction to Organizational Topologies
– The Seven Archetypes of Organizational Topologies



Spanish edition blogs
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– La facilitación en Scrum
– Malas interpretaciones del Product Owner



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– ¿El Product Owner y el Scrum Master deben pelearse siempre?
– Por una organización sin silos ni divisiones



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– Ser más eficientes no implica reducir gastos
– ¿Qué puede aprender un área comercial o de negocios de las prácticas de excelencia técnica en el desarrollo de software?




Japanese edition blog
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German edition blogs

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– Scrum im Selbststudium – Teil 9: Die Vergangenheit – Das Produkt Inkrement
– Scrum im Selbststudium – Teil 10: Scrum Events erlauben, die Artefakte zu überprüfen und anzupassen



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– Der Stoische Scrum Master
– Club Scrum: ChatGPT, was machst Du den ganzen Tag als Scrum Master? 




Italian edition blog

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